A New Way to Recruit Staff Smartly! Hiring is one of the important aspects when running a business. A company is known by the employees and the growth is also dependent on the employees. So, it is very much important to hire the right candidate for the better future of a company or business. If you are a company or business that wants to hire skilled candidates in your team for meeting the everyday challenges, then you are at the right place. Connect with Cyber Space to get Resources Augmentation services and forget about the long cumbersome process of hiring the individuals.

Resource Augmentation – Thing You Should Know!

It is a simple, cost-effective, and flexible outsourcing strategy. It is a model that companies use for hiring tech talent across the globe from a third party on a contract basis for projects. It is interesting to note that this is the most proper resource at the moment for quick working with large enterprises, mid-tier, and start-ups. This is going to help you achieve your all goals.

• The augmented resources and the internal staff will be working together for the complete duration of the project. The new employees can work in their workplace or from the home.
• This provides the organization an opportunity to get employees on time without any hassle of involving themselves in a long cumbersome recruitment process.
• This approach is going to save a lot of time, money, and energy.
• The organization gets the freedom of flexibility for growth or cuts down the augmented team according to the need.
• This is definitely going to be helpful because hiring and retain skilled professionals is not an easy thing to do.
• You may have an in-house team but an additional workforce via resources augmentation will be helpful when completing multiple projects in less amount time or you can give them short-term projects.
• Companies prefer resource augmented services to fulfill the aggressive needs and deadlines of projects.

Why You Need Resource Augmentation?

Wondering about the need for resource augmentation services? You can avail this service in the following condition:

• You have already had a team working on a project but you also need to extend your team of professionals to handle the work.
• Your organization is working on a tech product and needs a team of engineers with specific skill sets to complete the work and you have to hire the team from a different location.

A framework of Resource Augmentation

Now, let’s have a look at the framework Cyber Space is going to follow when offering the services:

Know Your Requirement

First of all, you have to identify the number of hires. You need to discuss the management and come forward with a staff number you need for the work. More importantly, you also have to define the specifications of candidates that will be including their qualifications, experience, expertise, and much more.

Selection and Assessment

It is important to kick start the search process after properly reviewing the requirements. You have to assess and find all the candidates that will be eligible for the post according to the requirement via tests and interviews.

Continuous Support and Nurturing

Continue the ongoing support for the new staff even after the end of the integration phase. For establishing better and strong relationships, do ask about their feedback.

Make Team Member Comfortable

It is not just about hiring a candidate for a certain post. The company or business needs to ensure that the candidate is comfortable and easily adapts him or herself according to the culture of a company. It is very much important to ensure that the employees are fully aware of the procedures, rules, and values of the company.

How Resource Augmentation Save Costs?

Cost or budget is one of the crucial factors when it comes to running a business. The primary objective of the company or a business to save money. So going for resource augmentation will definitely help you to save your time and money. Wondering how? Have a look below because you don’t have to do the following things:

• No payroll costs.
• Legal and administrative costs.
• Software licensing costs.
• Infrastructure expenditure.

Key Benefits of Resource Augmentation

Resource Augmentation comes with a lot of benefits as compared to traditional hiring. This is going to be the best decision that you will be making for your company.

No Employment Visa

Companies have to pay for the visa when hiring a candidate from a different company. This definitely increases the budget of companies and they are trying to minimize it. But in the case of resource augmentation, you are going to save time as the candidate you are going to hire will be working remotely. There will be no need of providing a visa to the candidate as he or she can work easily from their home irrespective of the country they are living in.

Improve the Enlistment Process

The recruitment process is not that much easy! It can take months for finalizing the candidates. But with resource augmentation, you can minimize the enlistment time from months to days. The augmentation specialists will be having a database that contains highly skilled candidates to pick from. This will allow the companies to hire the best candidate in less amount of time.

No Development Cost

Hiring a remote team is definitely going to save a lot of money. Recruiting an augmented team will let the companies pick the candidates from countries where the cost of living is less and this is going to save more money as the candidates will be demanding low salaries. Moreover, when hiring in-house employees, you will have to pay big as this will be including the extra cost of taxes, employee benefits, and much more. There will be other additional costs as well like taxes, equipment, and infrastructure.

Less Legal Hassles

When hiring in-house, you have to get involved in a lot of paperwork and legal responsibilities. But when it comes to Resource Augmentation, the outsourcing company takes on the employer and will look after the regular duties like employee benefits, taxes, payroll, and much more.

No Geographical Limitations

When hiring for a startup or well-established company, hiring the right candidate at the right place is not an easy job. But with the help of resource augmentation, this problem can be resolved as it will allow the companies to recruit specialists irrespective of the region, they are living in.

Authority Is Still There

If you think that there is control when you are working with a remote team, then you are wrong! Companies can still have control over their management. In the case of project outsourcing, all the project handling will be done via an external unit. Moreover, the business has control and they have the power to make the final call.

Better Flexibility

For any kind of organization, the resource augmentation will be bringing more flexibility for themselves. They can add more resources in just a few days if there will be any unexpected workload. Most importantly, the companies will not have to tie themselves with the employee. They can exclude the employee whenever they want or can include them whenever they want!

Addition of New Ideas

For a company or enterprise to evolve, fresh ideas are a must. This will need a constant supply of innovative ideas for sustaining success. Remember that the resource augmentation will be stimulating the enterprise to work with different experts to get fresh and innovative ideas. When you are going to do project-specific hiring, then companies are willing to hear new concepts and ideas for enhancing the business operations.

Reshaping and Expansion

Companies at some point want to expand their time but the risk attached to it stop them to take the further step. But the best thing about resource augmentation is that this approach is going to bring support to those companies. Businesses can now adopt a flexible hiring model for scaling up their business on a trial basis without investing a significant amount in a full-time workforce. This will enable the businesses to test their efficiency in different niches.

Why Choose Cyber Space?

Cyber Space is one of the professional companies that has been providing the best services through a team of professionals. No matter what service you are going to pick, our team is always determined to do the best according to the needs of their customers. All the monitoring and analysis of the business will be done by experienced staff. They will identify all the shortcomings in your business and will craft a detailed strategy to overcome the challenges. Our services jut not only the best around the different regions like Pakistan, EU, Gulf, Australia, UK, and the US but are also offered at a competitive rate so that our clients don’t have to look on another option.

Furthermore, our team of experts will ensure that our customers get the work on time without any delay. Connect with us today to get the resource augmentation services to overcome your hiring problems!