Allow Us To Be Your Migration Partner – Its Easy More Than You Think! Businesses are uses various application that is important for their business operation. There is no denying that you can’t ignore them when it comes to migrating the application from one framework to another. This definitely requires a proper set of expertise and this can’t be done by a random person. This is the point where Cyber Space comes in and will be helping you in the complete process.

Allow Us To Be Your Migration Partner – Its Easy More Than You Think!

Businesses are uses various application that is important for their business operation. There is no denying that you can’t ignore them when it comes to migrating the application from one framework to another. This definitely requires a proper set of expertise and this can’t be done by a random person. This is the point where Cyber Space comes in and will be helping you in the complete process.

Migrations We Offer To Our Customers

Migration is not done for a certain application platform. There are many out there. The types of migrations that we are going to offer to our valuable customers are as follows:

Migration of Visual Basic 6 To .NET

Visual Basic 6 is an enterprise application for development language. With time, the architecture of the VB6 is transformed into a .NET platform. Note that, most businesses are continuously relying on legacy applications. You will be surprised to know that the Cyber Space VB6 migration process will transform the legacy application directly into a modern .NET platform.

Why Pick Cyber Space For Migration?

VB6 to .NET migrations will need a significant amount of re-writing effort for producing the same functionality. There are many automation tools but they don’t guarantee a similar experience and functionality after the process is completed. As a matter of fact, a complete migration project will need a complete analysis and testing done by skilled resources.
Moreover, VB6 is event-driven, it is an object-based programming language. With this, .NET is purely object-oriented. Cyber Space has an expert team who is capable of performing both tasks and work together during the process of conversion.

Migration of VB6 To .NET

The conversion process of Cyber Space will begin with planning. The plan will be including the process identification, gathering of requirements, and building the architecture for the target solution. When we are going to convert the VB6 to .NET, the development team will be again using the previous code. This approach is going to ensure good operability with the .NET framework along with the like-to-like migration. Mostly, the developer will plug in the existing code inside the .NET class library and will call the function or module from the common assembly. All of this approach will improve the migration effort and will optimize the time during the conversion.
Cyber Space experts totally understand the process and they are fast enough to reuse or identify the code for improving efficiency.

Our Methodology

Cyber Space is going to follow a functional methodology base on a model for all VB6 migration projects. The key steps included are:
• The team will be creating a cohesive migration strategy and will be estimating the migration effort.
• The migration team will determine the scope and will be performing the formal requirement analysis.
• The experts will convert the application logic into a .NET framework.
• The team will convert the HTM, menus, HTML, UI items, and data reports into the .NET framework.
• The expert crew will be converting all the source code to .NET language. This includes conversion of VB6 to VB.NET or conversion of VB6 to C#.
• The quality assurance team will be testing the application, again and again, to ensure that it is bug-free.
• After this, the legacy data will be imported. They will be also performing the data validation tests.
• In the end, the team will deploy the application and will run it in parallel for ensuring smooth operation and it will be handed over to the client.

Migration of Visual FoxPro To .NET

Let Cyber Space help you in migrating the VFP to the .NET framework. In January 2015, Microsoft announced that FoxPro and Visual FoxPro has come to an end. It was recommended for the users to migrate to .NET FoxPro and VFP. These both are the preferred development language for crucial business applications. After the announcement of Microsoft, the user will start to make to shift to .NET from Visual FoxPro and they will be instantly moving to the web and mobile-based applications.
Currently, the 32-bit VF application will not be according to your evolving technology and requirements of a business. Without the support from expert developers, VFP applications are going to negatively affect your business from a technical and functional point of view.

Migrate To .NET From Visual FoxPro

The transition to .NET will be supporting different object-oriented and scripting programming languages along with their operability. The work will be conducted well with Microsoft Visual Studio’s integrated development environment and Microsoft SQL Server. Furthermore, VFP’s own related database ports will work well with SQL Server.
The conversion of the VFP application into a new language via the .NET framework will need a good amount of effort and expertise. At Cyber Space, we are going to provide our client an expert team who has the proper knowledge in both environments and will make the migration process smooth.

Key Benefits of VFP Migration by Cyber Space

• Good track record of properly migrating the Business-Critical Applications.
• Experience team of software engineers in FoxPro and .NET Environment.
• The long list of happy and satisfied clients who have migrated from FoxPro, dBase, and Visual FoxPro to .NET Framework with the help of SQL Server, Visual Studio, Access, and more.
• Proven methodology of migration, dedicated team of developers, and strong management of a project.
• Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with access to advanced support and resources.

VFP Support and Maintenance

There might be a point in your business where your business will be ready to replace the FoxPro application with a new platform. But this might not be the correct time right now! There are many other priorities as well but your important FoxPro system might have to continue to adapt and support your business. Cyber Space is not only the leader of Visual FoxPro migration requirement but we also support the continuous working of the present FoxPro system via a dedicated FoxPro team.

There is no doubt that VFP has been a powerful development platform for many years. In 2007, Microsoft choose this system for retirement and they decided not to expose the underlying code to the open-source world. To take all the new challenges related to the FoxPro platform, we are here to offer you FoxPro enhancement and support services.

Process of Client Engagement

• Proper understanding of the business function the application is going to perform.
• Understanding how users are going to interact with the systems.
• Analyzing the legacy code for an understanding of development methodology and structure.
• Reviewing the list of known bugs and creating a plan for a project to fix the errors and run tests.
• Getting knowledge of administrative functions presents inside the application.
• Reviewing the list of desired enhancements and creating a project plan for implementing testing and deployment.

Methodology of Delivery

• A dedicated team of developers will be supporting the existing FoxPro system.
• US-based developers for supporting and enhancing existing FoxPro applications.
• International developers on-demand to fulfill the needs.
• Engagement depending on the project for completing specific functionality within the application.

Migration To Cloud For Your FoxPro Application

Are you finding a way to move your FoxPro desktop-based application to the cloud? You are at the right place because Cyber Space has virtualization support services for this. This is not about the conversion, migration, or bring a 3rd party tool for replacement. Instead, we are going to suggest you virtualize it and provide you a properly tuned VFP application for extended product life with a modern setting and UI. This will be your best option to extend the life of your VFP system.

Migration of Classic ASP to ASP.NET

Looking to build well-architected and robust software for your business? If yes, then Classic ASP to ASP.NET Migration is the right choice. It is important to note that the legacy ASP application was built with a VBScript interface along with the backend Access database. For your information, Microsoft has redirected the efforts away from the VB/ASP/Access to SQL and ASP.NET.

To adapt to your evolving business needs, an organization needs thorough redesign and development. If you are planning to update your current legacy ASP-based application, then the only viable option for you is to migrate the ASP to AS.NET. The Cyber Space’s ASP Migration process will be offering you instant results with an advanced skill set and proper methodology.

Key Benefits of Using .NET Framework

The applications that are shifted from ASP to ASP.Net have shown a boost in scalability, performance, and reliability. Most of the legacy ASP functionality will co-exist with ASP.NET. This will help you in making a gradual transition from one to another framework without losing the functionality of an application.

Transition to ASP.NET will be offering you:

• Improved scalability and reliability along with 3 times more performance gain.
• X-copy deployment of components and pages.
• Presence of built-in cross-browser compatibility with rich server-side controls, Microsoft Visual Studio ®, configuration options, and designer support.
• Enhanced state-managed features.
• Content-code separation and new caching features.

Legacy Application Improvement in ASP.NET

During the migration of ASP to ASP.NET, both applications can exist on the same server. The .NET framework will support multiple object-oriented and scripting languages of programming that include Perl, C#, and Visual Basic. The Cyber Space ASP migration team is fully aware of the technologies and has an in-depth understanding of the .NET and legacy ASP syntax. We have a good track record of providing fast and smooth transitions.

Migration of ASP to ASP.NET Guaranteed!

• Highly professional and experienced team in ASP/VB/Access along with the Visual Studio, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and the .NET framework.
• Cyber Space guarantee’s reliability, performance, scalability of your Windows/Web application.
• The long list of clients who have hired us for developed applications in the .NET framework using SQL, Access, Oracle, and Visual Studio.
• Cyber Space is working as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.