Forget Manual Handling- Automate Your Business Processes!

Every growing business reaches a point where it can’t rely on a spreadsheet anymore! This is the point in the journey where the enterprise resource planning software can be a very useful weapon. ERP systems are going to organize and collect all the significant business information. They will also help the organization to work more efficiently while they keep expanding their team. To get help in building your own ERP, Cyber Space is here to be you, helper, in this work. Our competent team is going to monitor all your business systems and will craft an ERP system to automate things for you! Learn More

Enterprise Resource Planning – What You Should Know!

• ERP is basically an application that is going to automate your business processes.
• This is going to provide the insights and the internal controls that will be built on your central database to collect information from different departments in your business.
• The departments included here are manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing, accounting, and human resource.
• Once the information is collected, then the concerned person can easily analyze the different scenarios to measure the performance of departments. In this way, improvements can be done and you can complete the work with great efficiency.
• ERP software that is tailor-made as per the needs of an individual business will be paying major dividends and will make the system an important tool for companies across all sizes and industries. The system will bring people, technology, and processes into one place.
• ERP is capable of generating major time and financial savings by offering organization-wide visibility that will spotlight inefficient processes and will showcase the growth opportunities.
• There are different deployment models for ERP software. The list includes cloud, on-premises, and hybrid models. Note that the cloud ERP has gain much popularity in recent years.

• With ERP software a company or businesses can get detailed analytics and report for each and every department.

Why You Need ERP For Your Business?

ERP software in the future. Almost every business in the coming time will be using ERP to manage their everyday operation within the organization. This is very important to businesses in the following ways.

• It is a must for businesses who want to use the resource wisely.
• This will enable leaders to reallocate financial and human resources and build an efficient process for saving money without any compromise on quality.
• An ERP software will be the company’s most important asses in coordination and planning.
• This is going to enable employees to see the existing inventory and customer orders. They can also compare supplier purchase orders and will forecast the future demand to meet the requirements.
• ERP will make the overall communication and collaboration simple.

How ERP System Will Work?

The working behind the ERP system is not much complicated. It is a systematic procedure to streamline all the processes. The ERP systems are using a properly defined standard data structure.

1-The data entered by any of the departments can be accessed by all the authorized users across the company or business. The presence of a uniform structure will keep everyone connected.
2-Data is going to be connected to business processes and workflow across different departments. The concerned manager can analyze if there is any problem. After the identification of the issue, it can be resolved properly with the right resources.
3-The Finance team will also be able to compare all the sales to rents so that executives can be decided whether to consolidate or not.
4-ERP system is going to deliver most of the value when a company has modules for every important business function. This is going to ensure timely and accurate entry of data. The best part is that stakeholders will have all the access.

How ERP Will Improve Your Business?

At the end of the day, every business wants to have a smooth operating system in their organization. Everything should be streamlined to avoid any problem in the workflow. To end all the processing errors, the ERP system is the right choice for you to pick. To get one for yourself, you should connect with a skilled company like Cyber Space. The competent team is going to craft a detailed system to monitor all the working of your departments within your organization.

ERP is going to help you improve your business in the following way:

• ERP will help your company to identify the key areas that need improvements.
• Once more employees will have access, it will be easy to identify the problems. Identification of delays, late shipments, cash flow problems can be done easily.
• As executives will be able to monitor everything, so they will be able to monitor the efficiency of work, they can work on reducing the cost, and will respond to the customer changing needs or even the changing marketing conditions.
• In the case of business units, the ERP software can automate most of the problematic tasks. The list includes account reconciliations, order processing, and customer billing. Furthermore, it will also provide information to the team for operating efficiently.
• The best part here is that it will give you a 360-view fo company by offering detailed insights, KPIs by just not storing or organizing data but will be identifying the patterns and anomalies that need to be investigated.
• Employees don’t have to search files or paper to get important information. All the information will be online in a cloud-based setup. All the team can access the data online at any time, any place.
• The information will stay updated because ERP is receiving information from different departments in real-time. It will be updated as the inventory is pulled, payment is posted, and emails are sent to the customers.
• As there will be a common database, so it will bring all the decision-makers of an organization on the same page. There is not any conflicting or duplicate information.
• The companies can proceed and share the dynamic reports automatically.

Who Can Use ERP?

Companies belonging to different industries and working with diverse models can easily realize the benefits that will be coming with ERP. The flexible solution offered by the system will be fulfilling the variety of organization requirements.

Industries that rely on the ERP system for running their businesses are:

• Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories
• Transportation and Logistics
• Advertising and Digital Media
• Restaurants and Hospitality
• Healthcare and Life Sciences
• Software and Technology
• Nonprofit Organization
• Wholesale Distribution
• Media and Publishing
• Professional Services
• Food and Beverage
• Health and Beauty
• Financial Services
• Campus Stores
• Manufacturing
• IT services
• Consulting
• Education
• Energy
• Retail

Role and Users of ERP

In an organization, a different number of jobs are done via ERP. The functionality is not limited to certain tasks.

Supply Chain

This includes the inventory planners, purchasing agents, senior supply chain leader, warehouse managers, all the people are going to rely on the ERP system. This is a must for ensuring smooth working flow and good communication. They will be relying on the detailed and accurate information provided by the system to prioritize orders, optimize inventory levels, and increasing the on-time shipments. This is going to avoid the problems and will identify the inefficient process within the system as well.


The accounting team in an organization is going to play an important role. The group will be tracking and reporting all the transactions being done and other financial information within the system. The list will include the payroll, account receivable, and accounts payable. With the help of ERP, the financial analysis and planning will be done easily and detailed reports on expenses, cash flows, and revenue will be generated to forecast things in a better way.

Human Resources

The HR department is responsible for tracking all the employee information and workforce trends in the ERP. This will allow them to instantly find the content information, benefit details, and compensation details along with documents related to any employee. HR will be also able to keep an eye on metrics like average pay by title, retention by department, promotion rate, and other metrics for proper allocation of staff as per the line. This will also help the in-line managers to make the right decision.

Marketing and Sales

An ERP solution is going to increase productivity for driving better results for your sales teams. This will be done by automating lead management and monitoring of interaction with prospects in a company. Reps will be able to document all the discussions and will be changing the status of prospects as they will be moving across the sales funnel. With the help of these records, a marketing team can automate and manage the outreach program across different channels. The channels included can be emails and display ads on social media platforms. Moreover, the marketing team will be able to measure the effectiveness of those efforts for the better allocation of budget to the right platform.

What is holding you back?

It’s time the right time to invest in an ERP system to streamline the working and systems in your organization. It will save your time, money, and you can easily keep an eye on all the systems at one place. Get in touch with Cyber Space to know about the possibility of a detailed ERP system for your organization. Tell us your requirements and we will be happy to help you out!